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Editor's Pick

Pornstars appear in Cobra Bi porn video.

Cobra Bi

Porn parodies are nothing new, but it’s rare something comes along that combines both of my passions: watching porn and bone-breaking martial arts. Cobra Bi, from BiPhoria, further induces me into an inception-like state when you consider it’s not just a parody, but a parody of a 2010’s reboot, Cobra Kai, of the 1980s classic, The Karate Kid. More

Featured DVD Reviews

Emily Willis stars in Cherry's Anal Beauties.

Cherry's Anal Beauties

Anal. Even as it's become a more and more common theme in pornography, it still has a show-stopping power that's hard to beat. Serbian star Cherry Kiss takes on roles both behind and in front of the camera for the latest Evil Angel anal showpiece, Cherry's Anal Beauties. Check out our rundown of five reasons to watch. As a performer, Cherry Kiss has always been someone who really, well . . . pops, if you'll forgive the expression! She's starred in many bestsellers for Marc Dorcel, Evil Angel, and others, but she's never stepped behind the camera . . . until now! More

Sofia Ryan stars in I Got Milfed DVD porn movie.

I Got Milfed

In one of the most famous comments ever made about pornography, Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart once observed, "I know it when I see it." It's difficult to define exactly what porn is, but it's unmistakable when it's in front of you. It sometimes seems like the "MILF" concept is entering that same sort of nebulous territory. Is a MILF simply an attractive older woman? Well, maybe, but many porn "MILFs" are not "old" by any conventional reckoning. Even so, there's a certain confident, cagey quality to MILF performers that is instantly recognizable, as Robby D's I Got Milfed demonstrates. More

Meana Wolf and more babes star in The Bet DVD porn movie.

The Bet

Browsing through the new titles and looking for something a bit different, I just so happen to stumble across The Bet-an exciting little flick starring Meana Wolf as your sexy new stepsister! After Meana and her mother move in, you find it difficult to adjust to a brand-new stepmother and stepsister. Equally sexy, and equally as horny, both Meana and her mother are ready for a good fuck! Letting herself into your bedroom, Meana challenges to a bet for the room-are you going to let her win? More

Starring Lacy Lennon in Pure Desire Vol. 8.

Pure Desire Vol. 8

Legendary adult film director James Avalon is back with a brand-new film guaranteed to satisfy your every desire-Pure Desire Vol. 8! I've always been a really big fan of James Avalon's work as well as a big fan of EroticaX films. EroticaX has always been known for releasing some really great films full of some of the best tales of beautiful love making. Upon discovering it's release, I knew I just had to see it! And I was glad I did! As I expected, I absolutely loved this film! More

Starring  Ava hardy & more Babes stars in 40 Years Old, Come to Life DVD porn movie.

40 Years Old, Come to Life

Kelly (Cherie DeVille) stars is this sexy adult flick as a successful romance novelist. Despite the rewards and pleasure of being a successful romance novelist, Kelly finds that her passion presents challenges to her personal life. After her boyfriend leaves her due to her commitments to her career, Kelly finds new confidence in her career AND her sex life! I knew I just HAD to see this movie! This erotic tale takes an exciting route of twists and turns through both Kelly's personal life AND her fantasies, as she brings her characters in her novels to life! Get ready, because this sexy story is packed full of all kinds of erotic sex! More

Keely Rose & more babes stars in Threesome Fantasies Vol. 8 DVD porn movie.

Threesome Fantasies Vol. 8

When you imagine the absolute perfect, idealized sexual existence, what comes to mind? It's hard to think of anything that would be much better than the luxurious, dream-come-true sex lives of the characters depicted in the Threesome Fantasies series. These lovers have tossed aside petty jealousies and niggling hang-ups. They've entered into a world where sexual pleasure in the classic "menage a trois" formula is no longer just an idle fantasy - it's a way of life. More

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